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Once, Twice, Three Times A Walcreature

I think it’s kinda like that old adage I learned from my good friend George W., show up on People of Walmart once shame on you, show up on People of Walmart twice shame on me, show up on People of Walmart again — you can’t get fooled aga...

That’s Crack-tastic!

At first I mistook these for back boobs, but upon further inspection, the hairy looking crack has brought me to my conclusion that it is instead, an upper-back-booty. Final answer. Alabama

She Lost Her Sheep

I don’t want to step out of place here, but Little Bo Peep over there looks absolutely f*cking miserable. Seriously, her parents may want to seek out counseling of some sort….Saving lives, it’s just part of what we do here at PoWM. Y...

WWIB: I’m Wearing A Thong

You remember for like 4 days back in the 90′s that wearing your entire thong up over you pants and hips was cool? Yup, so apparently there are only 2 that didn’t get the message it was over. Oh well, we still get to play “Who Wears It Better?” Alabama & Georgia

Clothing Is Overrated

Well I guess this isn’t really a “Who Wears It Better?” but from the looks of things a beer is about to get cracked open, an unfiltered cig is about to get lit, and the next queerball that looks at ‘em all funny-like is about to meet the butt end of a rifle. Alabama & [...]

The Flower Pot

Hey now everybody c’mon, settle down. To be fair, flowers can’t grow if they aren’t subjected to sunlight so she has a valid reason here. Alabama

The Hippie Movement

Are me and Eric Cartman the only ones that get annoyed by modern day hippies? There truly is no point to them whatsoever, unless the point is to look weird and smell all sorts of funny. Alabama & Washington

Hiding The Goods

I was gonna yell at this dude for his complete disregard for personal space but then I realized any girl that wears see-through lace pants doesn’t really have “personal space”. Alabama

WWIB: Pink & White

It looks like we have an interesting little matchup of ‘Who Wears It Better’ this morning! For me, it looks like purple gets the prize AND the sugar daddy. Who ya got? Alabama & Arizona