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It’s Mother Flippin’ Friday!

Hey mother f*ckers, it’s f*cking Friday. After that I’m not really sure what to say. Never had the urge to curse on my shirts. I use internet message boards to show everyone I’m a tough guy. Arizona & Ohio

WWIB: All Aboard

Here is what I know: both of these guys are taking a ride on the crazy train. What I need to know from you guys is which one is the conductor?! Alaska & Arizona

Mash It Up

Don’t worry, your ass in white yoga pants definitely does not look like mashed potatoes. Nope. Not at all. I don’t know what to tell you, I’m not sure why that girl has a bowl of gravy. Arizona

Redonkulously Strange

Holy badunkadunk!!! How have you not been approached by every rapper in the world to appear in one of their videos? Do you realize how much money you could be making just letting some guy pour Dom Perigon down your derriere? Arizona

WWIB: Your Momma Wears Army Boots

Bottom biscuits and boots? They go together like peaches and cream, right? No? Oh well, I’m sure you thought it was gonna look sexy at the time. Anyway people, we need to determine ‘Who Wears It Better’! Arizona & Oklahoma

WWIB: Pink & White

It looks like we have an interesting little matchup of ‘Who Wears It Better’ this morning! For me, it looks like purple gets the prize AND the sugar daddy. Who ya got? Alabama & Arizona

The Tasmanian Devil

It appears as though Mr. Clean and Troy Polamalu had a creepy love-child. Arizona

Smoke Break

I guess it’s not technically second hand smoke if the other person hasn’t even developed hands yet right? Arizona

A Little Off The Sides Please

You ever see something that literally turns your entire world upside down by answering a lifelong question? Cause I’m experiencing the shit out of it right now. How did I discount the obvious answer to where all these Walmartians got their hairc...