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Dirty Pillows

Damn girl, I’m gonna need a snorkel if I plan on surviving this motorboat. Arkansas

WWIB: Young Whales

You know who likes the game “Who Wears It Better”? Everybody. Cause it’s awesome. Almost as awesome as two whale tales coming up for air. So who ya got folks? Personally I can’t discount the fact that one whale tale is using a water floatie so that has me all sorts of giddy. Arkansas & [...]

The Wild Hog

Hell ya I got dem Razorbacks to sign my toilet seat, cause they’re the shit! – I apologize for the obvious ending to that joke. Come up with something better and we’ll send you a signed book. Arkansas

Fish Out Of Water

I feel like there is a punchline to a joke I’m missing here. Maybe you guys can fill the joke for us. So what did the Goldfish say to Elvis? Or what did Elvis say to the Goldfish? Arkansas

Boy, That Richard Is A…

Maybe she really fancies her boyfriend Richard?…or maybe she is a whore. Tough to tell, fun to think about though. Arkansas

I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt

Is this one of those pictures when you look at it upside down, it’s a beautiful princess? No, I’m not even close? Is it one of those pictures when you look at it upside down you still want to vomit in your mouth? Nailed it! Arkansas

No Boundaries

American Idol winner Kris Allen….yeah we all stopped watching 8 years ago dawg, you’re not really famous. Arkansas

Need A Ride?

I feel like we should name this bad boy. Leave your idea in the comments below. Funniest name wins a pound of fromunda cheese. Arkansas