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Pebbelz arrested for allegedly murdering a model with booty shots

[ More pics of Pebbelz' insanely huge booty ] A rap video model, Pebbelz, who we’ve featured on here many times for her outrageous booty implants, is being questioned by police about the death of a woman in Jackson, Miss. The woman died after receiving concrete-filled booty implants, similar to Pebbelz’ booty implants. Pebbelz, real [...]

Real Or Fake: Ass like that

This girl’s booty-to-waist ratio is crazy. Do you think she went under the knife, or is this just what her momma gave her? Sound off in the comments.

Real Or Fake: You & that booty

Do you think this girl got her badonkadonk from her momma, or from her plastic surgeon? Leave your expert opinions in the comments.