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Oh Beehive!

The only thing right in this entire picture that I can see is that someone used a stick to ensure those vines would grow up onto that stone wall. California

Crack A Smile

Since these two are older gentleman, would those be considered….wise cracks? Ehhh ohhh!!! Put it on the board. California & Oklahoma

Searching For The Summer Sun

I was all like “Man I can’t wait for it to get warmer out and see all those sundresses.” Then this dude pops up out of nowhere like “Ohhh yaaaaa?” and then I go “Yaaaa” as I slip my hand under his dress….that’s when things got awkward…and when I got arrested. Not sure why I [...]

Head In The Game

Ah snap, you guys are just sooooo important bro. Gotta have my earpiece on 24/7 just in case. “Buy! Sell!” my ass. You two are probably talking your avatars through level 716 of some nerd ass game. California & Florida

Got My Swag On

Hey frat boys, put down your YOLO shirts and six-pack abs, you just got out-swagged by this dude and it wasn’t even a competition. California

Pimp My Ride

I mean, I thought it was a badass limo but apparently everyone else seemed to think me taking it to my grandpa’s funeral was “inappropriate”. California

Funk Fest 2013

Wow! Ummm, I’m sure if you gave me a few minutes I could think of something grosser, but honestly off the top of my head I got nothing. Yo shit…be funky. California

The Red Rocket

You half doghouse/half phallic trike is intriguing and disturbing at the same time….Either way I’m sure your wife isn’t happy. California

Party Like It’s 1999

  So what kind of crazy shenanigans are you party animals getting into? I’m fairly confident that these two ladies would let almost anyone into their clubs to celebrate the new year. California & Pennsylvania

That Escalated Quickly

Look like she actually got a partridge in a pear tree for Christmas. But on a more important note, how the hell did I not know a double-decker Walmart existed in this country? I see those escalators and I need to know if those are indeed a stairway to heaven or if Walmart really does [...]