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Big Ang

Say hello to a creature from VH1 named Big Ang. Apparently she and her surgically constructed face appear on a couple different reality shows.

Who would you rather?

Donatella Versace vs. reality TV personality Elsa Patton. You must choose one — I’m sorry. Sound off in the comments.

Real Or Fake: Christina Hendricks

Actress Christina Hendricks drives men mad with her chesticles. No doubt they appear to be nice, but we’re here to ask if they’re real. Do you think they are authentic, or did she visit a skilled plastic surgeon? Keep reading for a before & after shot of her and you be the judge in the [...]

Before & After: Valeria Lukyanova the Ukrainian “human Barbie”

This is Valeria’s second entry on this site, but definitely not her last, as she continues to convert her body from real to fake. On the left of this picture you can see Valeria before she started her cosmetic transformation, and on the right is a current picture. She’s only 21 years old and has [...]

Angel Lola Luv’s booty implants without Photoshop

Angel Lola Luv is a model/rap video girl known for her ample booty. However, it turns out that ample booty is not all-natural, and as expected is the result of some big lumpy silicone implants. Above is a photo of her that leaked out without being touched-up or Photoshopped to cover up the evidence of [...]