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The King Of Walmart

Holy crap! I haven’t watched WWF wrestling since it was called WWF and not WWE, but Jerry “The King” Lawler hasn’t aged a day! All natural I assume. On a side note, I always hated him. No reason, just did. Actually it was probably because of the stupid one strap leotard and crown combo he [...]

The Shark Man

He is covered in camo but if you look closely you can spot Manny Puig celebrity wildlife entertainer from the shows Jackass and WildBoyz. Florida

Play Free Bird!

“PLAY FREE BIRD!!!! PLAY FREE BIRD!!!! PLAY FREE BIRD!!!!” – Some drunk asshole no matter where Lynyrd Skynyrd is at. On a side note, I saw them 2 months ago in Charlotte with the Allman Brothers Band and they still kick ass. Nevada

Dream Big. Build Bigger.

At first I was curious why Shanon Parker from the SyFy channel’s Dream Machine was at Walmart and then I realized with some of the crazy hoopty rides we’ve seen in the parking lot there just has to be a professional behind the scenes makin...

To Catch A Predator

Let’s give a big PoWM hello to Fred Eichler (left) from the show Predator Nation. Now don’t feel bad if you don’t know who Fred is or what that show is, I didn’t either. However, let me save you some trouble, turns out that show is about hunting animals like bobcats and bears and not about [...]

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Sooo I’m told that this is a picture of the McDonald’s in Walmart with someone called “Honey Boo Boo”. I had to look up what the hell a honey boo boo is and it turns out I hate America. Seriously between these little toddler talent show reality shows, the Kardashians, and Tim Tebow I’m like [...]

And Then There Was X

♫  Stop, drop, shut em’ down open up shop. Oh, no, that’s how Ruff Ryderz roll. ♫   – I was gonna keep going with the song but my boy DMX here uses WAY too many “N – bombs” for this white guy to feel comfortable typing. But that’s okay, I’m still happy to see the dog shopping at Wally [...]

Who Wants To Smash Some Fruit?

Oh hells ya! It’s everyone’s favorite fruit smashing comedian Gallagher! Grab your ponchos people because my man has a store full of watermelons and you know he brought his Sledge-O-Matic!!! Illinois

The Sauce Boss

It’s the sauce boss Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time using some of that YouTube money to shop for what I assume is a shit ton of bacon. But really, what I’d like to find out his who would win in a fight, Muscles Glasses or our infamous Willy the Pimp? You know who I got my money on, [...]

My Time Is Now

WWE star John Cena signing autographs at Walmart…now I don’t follow wrestling so someone is going to have to tell me if he is still popular or if he has now entered weird Ric Flair territory. Florida