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WWIB: Inkblots

It’s always a nice surprise when the muffin tops and the pillow tops or pretty much any gross body part is hanging out AND it’s tatted up something awful. So “Who Inked It Better?” people? Also, is that George W. Bush in her tattoo tree? Colorado & New Mexico


Twins, bikes, condoms, yes yes yes you don’t even have to tell me what it is, the answer is yes I’m in! Colorado

WWIB: Young Whales

You know who likes the game “Who Wears It Better”? Everybody. Cause it’s awesome. Almost as awesome as two whale tales coming up for air. So who ya got folks? Personally I can’t discount the fact that one whale tale is using a water floatie so that has me all sorts of giddy. Arkansas & [...]

WWIB: White Out

You know, for awhile there I thought the color white represented what was pure and light and goodness. Now I will never think those thoughts about anything ever again. This edition of “Who Wears It Better?” white-washed my dreams. California & Colorado

WWIB: Preggos

It’s time for Who Wears It Better: That’s What Happens When You Swallow Watermelon Seeds Edition. Now I haven’t knocked up a girl yet, so I don’t know firsthand, but I feel like these are the best maternity clothes. However, two of my best buds from college got babies on the way and I’m trying [...]

Paper Or Plastic?

Hahahaha bags on your baby’s head never gets old. Hahahaha, am I right everyone? Hahahaha (seriously keep laughing with me, I’m trying to distract her long enough for child services to sneak up behind her) hahahahaaha. Colorado

Call Me Maybe

What’s up Anthony Weiner, way to set a good example for your kids there. Then again judging by the hair, shades, and your accessories it looks like they are already growing up Jersey Shore style anyway, so what the heck right? Colorado

They See Me Trollin’

I didn’t know you could get trolled offline as well…Huh? Huh? Right? Cause of all the trolls? You know what, I don’t have to answer to you people. Colorado

Price Check On Vagiclean

Either you are wasting your time trying to pull that hot little one-piece down or your digging for gold in all the wrong places. Well, I suppose it could be a third option, so in that case the feminine itch cream is in aisle 11. Colorado

WWIB: Cooling Down

In today’s edition of “Who Wears It Better” it appears we have two ladies who are way past the point of f*ck it. Why even bother putting on a shirt on when it’s just going to get drenched in sweat from the heat? Because a 60 year old in her sports bra/tube top is flat [...]