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D-Bag 4 Life

Dude brosepeh, your style is so badass bro that you qualify for a 2 for 1. You get to be on PoWM and I’m also sending your pic over to our bros at Dbagging.com because you look like a douche. Texas


I don’t mean to gross anyone out, but this is exactly what I picture the Kool-Aid Man’s semen to look like. Pennsylvania

Puff Of Magic

Oh my sweet sweet Afro Star. How you can turn my frown upside down! Now it’s not everyday you can see a PoWM Hall of Famer people, so show some respect by removing your hair picks and bowing down. North Carolina

Dirty Pillows

Damn girl, I’m gonna need a snorkel if I plan on surviving this motorboat. Arkansas

WWIB: Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog

In today’s edition of “Who Wears It Better”, we have an epic Elvis vs. Elvis battle. So, who’s banana would you rather eat bacon and peanut butter off of? Michigan & Mississippi

How A Real Man Gets Tan

Seems like an odd place to take a nap. I hope that this is his car or someone is going to come out to quite the surprise. Texas

Tickled Pink

I guess there is a little slut inside of all of us. New Jersey

The Toilet Bowl

This dude was ready for Super Bowl Sunday. The 49ers and lighting crew down in NOLA were not apparently. I thought the ads pretty much sucked, but at least the game didn’t turn out to be a complete disaster. California

Little Toy Cars

“Let me show you all the really nice cars I wish I had by putting them on the p.o.s. that I have so you think it’s better!” – Super idea there Mr. Taurus. Why don’t you start taping a bunch of Barbie dolls on your girlfri...