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Check Out My Vag

Is that vagina cleavage? is that even a thing? Does anyone actually want to find out? Georgia

WWIB: I’m Wearing A Thong

You remember for like 4 days back in the 90′s that wearing your entire thong up over you pants and hips was cool? Yup, so apparently there are only 2 that didn’t get the message it was over. Oh well, we still get to play “Who Wears It Better?” Alabama & Georgia


You know what they call female plumbers crack?…gross. They still call it gross, just like a guy’s. Georgia

Glory, Glory

This cute little puppy dog is ready to tear some Alabama ass! Frankly, we don’t really give a shit who wins because we grew up in a town where professional sports were king, so college sports take second fiddle. Any Alabama or Georgia fans out there that wish to weigh in on the game this [...]

The Colors Of The Rainbow

I think the question that everyone wants to ask is: “Do the carpets match the drapes?” If the answer was “Yes” then I’m not really sure what my next question would be. What would yours be? Georgia & North Carolina

WWIB: Sh*t Happens

In this edition of ‘Who Wears It Better’ the secret ingredient is shit. Who wears shit better? Not really anything else I can say about that. Besides that it’s gonna be the shit. Georgia

WWIB: Stripes Or Solids

Looks like the worst game of pool in this bottom biscuits edition of ‘Who Wears it Better’! So, are you playing stripes or solids? Georgia

Will You Marry Me?

I haven’t proposed to a lucky lady yet so I can’t say for sure, but I think it’s customary to wait more than 4 seconds after you buy the ring to put it on. That’s just an educated feeling I have, although to be fair if she said “no” then returning it would be pretty [...]

WWIB: The Depressed Donkey

It’s time for you to take your head out of the honey jar and tell us “Who Wears It Better?” in this Eeyore Edition. Now I know this character is usually reserved for weird, lonely, lumpy women’s sweatshirts but that’s not the case here. Personally, the dude smiling is way too happy for me. Eeyore [...]