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Caught Up

I’d say there is about a 87% chance that her mop gets caught under the bus. Hawaii

A Hairy Situation

I..I…I don’t know what to do here. Do I braid it? Is something attacking you? Do you have some sort of odd growth? I don’t know, I don’t know what to do with my hands. Hawaii

Takin’ A Leak

Once again we see the unfair double standards of society! When I pull my pants down. take out my wenis and piss in a Walmart I get called a weirdo and a creep as I’m being arrested, but apparently when tiny Thor here takes out his hammer everything is whatevs. It’s all malarkey and I’m [...]

Aloha Bro

Ladies, you usually gotta pay good money for Cinemax or something like that to see that much ass, but I’m starting to think right now you would pay good money to not see that much ass. Hawaii