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The Party Animals

This looks like the worst slumber party ever….why wasn’t I invited?! Indiana

Momma Knows Best

The apple (bottom) doesn’t fall far from the tree… Indiana

Your Language Is Offensive!

Maybe you two should meet and have some babies together. Their profanity-laden rants could be stuff of legend! Indiana & Oklahoma

The Tale Of Two Tails

With these two it’s more like ‘Tails from the Crypt’, am I right? Huh? Tails…Tales! Right? The old horror show? Huh? Ahh, you know what I’m sick of trying to please you people! Dammit. Indiana

Legalize It

Ohhh hot damn, marijuana. The topic every pothead likes to talk about so every person they know is aware that they smoke weed. So yeah, Colorado and Washington are the newest states to legalize it, but don’t go sparking that spliff so fast, there is still that whole federal law thing getting in the way. [...]

One Potato, Two Potato

It’s amazing what some people can make from scratch with crafty shit they bought from Walmart. I wish I had that much enthusiasm about Halloween. This is what a few of us went as last year and had a pretty good time with it… Indiana

Made From Scratch

You bet your ass these bottom biscuits are homemade! These take time and effort. Appreciate what you are staring at…or hide your eyes, your call. Indiana

Bag It Up

Protect yourself from the rain, then breathe really fast and heavy so you protect the rest of us by never breeding. Indiana

The Lucky Duct

I’m going to settle this right now. Altering your jersey is never acceptable. I get that in today’s pro sports players change teams like they change underwear and jerseys cost an arm and a leg nowadays, but let me tell you why you still can’t butcher an old jersey. (1) If you didn’t buy the [...]

WWIB: Clowning Around

I honestly can’t figure out the point of a sad clown. It’s like a fat yoga instructor, sure it could work but it seems counterproductive. Anyway in this Who Wears It Better: Tears of a Clown Edition I need you guys to tell me which is sadder, a sad clown or what could possibly be [...]