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Under My Umbrella Ella Ella

Geez lady, when you’re done with that why don’t you and your black cats go break some mirrors under a few ladders. Kentucky

6 Days ‘Til Santa

“What The Elf?” indeed. Christmas is right around the corner and your lazy ass is stocking up on OJ instead of building my wooden toy train up at the North Pole. On a side note, do kids still get wooden trains? I’m sure some group of hippies figured wood was too dangerous and banned them [...]

The Pumpkin Carvers

Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, we know a lot of you will be dressing up like a PoWM and carving penises into pumpkins…at least that’s what we encourage. So enjoy yourselves and be sure to send us a picture of you in your costume so we can post it somewhere on the [...]

Shorty Shorts

Please put on more clothes before you leave the house next time. That is all. Kentucky

Pants Down Low

Nothing says gangsta like the look of waddling out of the bathroom to the hall closet mid-shit to get more toilet paper. It’s a baller ass look you’ve got going on! Kentucky & West Virginia

It’s The Monopoly Guy

Do you have to give people $200 every time they pass you on the road then? Seems like a bad investment since you’re only in a Ford. Guess you didn’t get to build anything on Boardwalk and Park Place, because then you’d probably be ab...

Sneaky Sneaky

Now that’s some next level stealth shit that just blew my f*cking mind! Just really impressed over here, I’m leaving it at that. Oh yeah, and her back titties look like the droopy jowls of a bulldog. Kentucky

Shart Week

Sure Discovery Channel can boost their views with Shark Week, but here at People of Walmart we don’t hold back on our viewers because here every week is Shart Week! Florida & Kentucky

Puppy Love

Son of a bee sting lady! Why are you trying to test me? Everyone knows that I’m not a fan of any type of animal (besides service animals) inside of Walmart, but you insist on testing me about it dammit. “Oh, I have an idea, let’s see how angry & torn he gets when we [...]

Dora & Boots

Meeting Dora the Explorer in person was a complete let down… Kentucky