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14 Days ‘Til Christmas

Snoop-a-Loop! Bring your Santa hat because we are 2 weeks away from Christmas everyone! I haven’t even started my shopping yet, what about you guys? Louisiana

Way To Go!

That looks like you took your paint design off of a 4 year old’s coloring book. Louisiana

WWIB: Hulking

Ohhh snap! We’ve got quite the battle in today’s Who Wears It Better: Mid-Hulk Rip Edition. Now you are probably asking yourself “By mid-Hulk rip, does he mean big green Hulk ripping his clothes or Hulk Hogan ripping his shirt off?” and the answer is yes. Louisiana & Pennsylvania

Any Given Sunday

I am having a difficult time picking the team to beat this year in the NFL. My Steelers look like a bum’s nutsack most weekends and there are only a handful of teams over .500 right now. I guess I’ll give my props to the Atlanta Falcons but what about you guys, who do you [...]

Breast Buds

I love boobs. They are my favorite. I like everything about them. I like big ones, small ones, every color in the rainbow. Basically, I’m a fan. That being said, I don’t need to see all of them. Most of them? Yeah, I’m cool with that...

Starships Were Meant To Fly

You wanna blame someone for this? Blame Nikki Minaj, she is inspiring all the girls to dress like whores from the future. Louisiana

WWIB: Seeing Red

Back to the battle of the sexes with this edition of Who Wears It Better: Fake Ginger Edition. So which daywalker looks best? Personally I can’t get over the fact that they voluntarily gave their souls away, but that’s just me. Louisiana

Lady Liberty

Can you have too much America?….No. The answer to that is a big NO. Louisiana