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Your Hair Is Everywhere

Hahahaha! Oh my, every single female in their 30′s should stop laughing right now because this is what your hair looked like in the early 90′s. Yeah, remember that? Sorry to ruin your day. Maine

Bread Winner

Damn! Who are you? Thurman Merman, the little kid from Bad Santa? How many sammiches you need? Maine

Peepin’ The Gym

I was gonna call Little Bo Peep here a little hussy but then I noticed I accidentally walked into the gun show and thought that would be a bad idea. Seriously, she must curl her sheep on the reg. Maine

WWIB: Birds Of A Feather

Let’s fly together in this Who Wears It Better: Flocking Together Edition. I know feathers in the hair have recently become a little hairstyle trend, but let me go on record and say that they look stupid. Absolutely stupid. Unless you are a Native American chief, keep the damn birds of prey decorations out of [...]

The Tail Of All Tails

You know, it’s odd, I can see the top of your head but for some reason I truly believe if I run up to you and jump onto that super rat-tail and climb it all the way to the top I’ll reach some awesome unbelievable fantasy land where all my dreams would come true…or I’d [...]