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WWIB: Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog

In today’s edition of “Who Wears It Better”, we have an epic Elvis vs. Elvis battle. So, who’s banana would you rather eat bacon and peanut butter off of? Michigan & Mississippi

Wrist Deep In Your Anus

Maybe if you dig down deep enough you can find some of your dignity. Probably not, but I’m sure you’ll keep trying anyway. Enjoy having your elbow smell like dookie for the rest of the day. Michigan

WWIB: Clash Forward

Hey people, just a quick reminder, patterns don’t typically go together very well. Just because it’s a nice shirt and those are nice pants does not automatically let them combine to make a nice outfit. I mean, nothing in here is working on its own, but even if it did that would apply. That’s all [...]

WWIB: Plumber’s Crack

Cracks don’t discriminate by gender, they come in all shapes and sizes and offend all of us. The question here is “Who Wears It Better?” in the battle of the sexes. Michigan & Oklahoma

I’m Too Sexy

I’ve now officially decided not to have kids, so thank you for that. I just can’t bare the thought that I brought someone into the world in it’s current state. I can’t even imagine what it will be like in a few years, if we all...

WWIB: Freaky Friday

Hot damn! We are serving you guys up enough bottom biscuits here to keep you filled up for the entire weekend. Thank us by telling us which of these you would rather slap some jelly on an go H.A.M.! Michigan

I Got These Cheeseburgers

Throw a couple of beer cans around that guy and I would swear that’s what I looked like 4 out of 7 nights during college. Of course most of the time I made it home and not on LateNightMistakes.com. Michigan

Everyday I’m Smugglin’

Unless you are a model or European, don’t wear a Speedo. In fact, I’m pretty sure Europeans even know they look stupid in Speedos but they wear them anyway just because they have bought into their own stereotype. Anyway, I digress. The point here is you have a tiny package and nobody wants to see [...]

WWIB: Tie-Dye For

Tie-dye? More like tie-die right? Cause when they wear it I wanna kill myself. Right? Huh? Dye-die? Right? Screw you guys. Just pick ‘Who Wears it Better’. Alabama & Michigan

WWIB: Men At Work

Finally we can get an answer to the great debate over which type of short shorts make middle-aged men’s asses look the best, daisy dukes or all leather. So you the people have the important task of letting us know “Who Wears It Better?” Michigan & Virginia