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Maid In America

That’s the only “maid” in the USA thing you’ll find at Walmart….Ohhhhhh!!!!! And the crowd goes wild! – “PoWM! PoWM! PoWM! PoWM!” – ohh it’s insanity here! Unbelievable! What a joke! What a j...

Stacking Up

Hahahaha! Cat owners are so funny and whimsical right guys? Hehehehe!….Man I can’t stand cats. What about you former Coastal Carolina football coach Bennett Presser? What do you think about cats? Minnesota

The Dragon Car

Wait Wait Wait. I don’t care how cool you think your car is, you don’t get to give it two names. It’s either the Dragon Car or the Swag Mobile. Since it’s obvious you can’t make up your mind i’m leaving it up to our fans to make that decision for you. Unfortunately for you, [...]


If this is what is deemed “Nice” in Minnesota then you can add this to the long list of reasons I have no desire to venture to the North Star State! Minnesota

Choose Your Own Path

The perfect match for the person that has always wanted an El Camino but doesn’t have the $700 and a mullet required to get one. Minnesota

WWIB: Lookin’ Good

Let me tell you something I honestly never thought I would say. It’s now time for our 2nd Who Wears it Better: Drew Gooden Edition. How are there this many people in the world that think this looks good? I thought one person having this was too many, but now it’s becoming an epidemic that needs to be stopped. [...]

Tatted Up

Let this be a message to all you young ladies out there that don’t think about what happens to those cute little tattoos you get when you are 18 and think it makes your lower back look sexy. Yo shit is gonna sag and make people want to run in the other direction when that [...]

Here Kitty Kitty

Let’s just say from that outfit I think everyone in the store has said hello to your kitty if you catch my drift. Minnesota

Freda Fingernails

All I’m saying is you better tip REALLY well when you go get a manicure. Minnesota

WWIB: White Power

If you stop and think about it for a minute, the amount of “Who Wears It Better?” we have on here is quite disturbing. It means there is more than one person that considers outfits like this okay, which is freaking scary. Anyway, not sure if there is a word for butt-camel-toe (probably wedgie), but [...]