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WWIB: Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog

In today’s edition of “Who Wears It Better”, we have an epic Elvis vs. Elvis battle. So, who’s banana would you rather eat bacon and peanut butter off of? Michigan & Mississippi

4 Days ‘Til Santa

That’s very festive. I’d say I was a big fan if I didn’t know that I’d get distracted and run over my neighbor’s reindeer in his yard if I saw you coming down the road while I was driving. Mississippi

My Anaconda

I see that anaconda definitely wanted some since you got buns hun. Mississippi

Biker Babe

Listen, I don’t mean to be a wise-ass but it clearly says “Walmart” on the bottom and that leads me to believe they own it. That being said, I’d be a little too scared to open my mouth about it should she start riding off with ...

WWIB: Droppin’ Drawers

What is it about a big old ass crack that just gets me excited for the day? Nothing. The answer is nothing. We get so many damn asses sent in to us that we have to pair them up for our “Who Wears It Better?” game! Did you read that? We get so many bare [...]

Coaster Of Love

That’s either the worst yarmulke ever or her husband likes to have a coaster to set his drink on while she is…well you know. Mississippi