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Loaded Clip

Personally, I don’t have the heart to break it to her that all those clips aren’t helping, so I just figured I’d let the internet do it for me…. Missouri

WWIB: Juggies

I don’t know what the hell Jug-N-Plug is. I’m amazed there are 2 different people jugging-n-plugging and judging my the sample size I have available, it’s definitely not something I ever want to know more about. Missouri

Covering The Issue

Ahhh ok, you see people this is what we call progress. She discovered that the reason her ass was so cold was because her underwear were not properly covering it and she took the necessary steps to resolve that problem…Granted, it’s not exactly the groundbreaking discoveries that we as a society typically applaud, but c’mon [...]

The Neck Beard

Holy balls of fire! You are the rooster king!!! Oh my dear sweet drooling, poopin’, crying baby Jesus that is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. I’m more in awe and impressed than I am angry you go out in public like this. Wow! Is that a neck beard or overgrown chest [...]

Exit Only

This looks like one hell of a dramatic exit. Almost poetic in it’s beauty…ignoring the big exposed ass of course. Missouri

Look Closely

Your back looks like an old wrinkly man’s face being unwillingly forced into a black ski mask…which is something that I honestly never thought I would say. Missouri

The Gator Chomp

Sweet outfit there lady, it reminds me of the University of Florida…and now all I can think about is you being eaten by an alligator. Probably because he got a whiff of those bottom biscuits. Missouri

Voting Day

After years of planning, campaigning, debating, annoying phone calls, awkward door-to-door conversations, yard signs everywhere, flip flopping, and over 2 billion dollars spent on terrible television ads in Ohio alone, today is the day we go out and vote for the person we knew we were going to vote for 4 years ago. You can [...]