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Oh Beehive!

The only thing right in this entire picture that I can see is that someone used a stick to ensure those vines would grow up onto that stone wall. California

Hella Jelly

Forget about hanging out in a barber shop with black guys, I’d give a week’s pay just to sit at your hair salon and hear you ask for “the jellyfish”! New York & Ohio

WWIB: The Worm

Let me break this down for both of you and everyone else even considering this. There has been 1 and only 1 person in the history of the world that has been able to pull off the cheetah hair and that is Dennis Rodman. So unless you can pull down 11,954 rebounds, I don’t want to [...]

Rope A Dope

Is it weird that I picture in my head a tiny high school gym full of disgusting rats that use your hair as their rope climb? Illinois

WWIB: Party In The Back

“I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…fe-mullets get me so hot and horny.” – said no man ever. Pennsylvania

Attack Of The Yorkies

I am absolutely terrified for your well being. All I ask is when some studio head sees this pic on here that PoWM gets a little taste of the blockbuster horror film that will follow. Seriously, that looks like the world’s largest, most possessed...

Your Hair Is Everywhere

Hahahaha! Oh my, every single female in their 30′s should stop laughing right now because this is what your hair looked like in the early 90′s. Yeah, remember that? Sorry to ruin your day. Maine

The Walmart Special

Do the overalls come with the mullet or do you think they’re sold separately? I’m assuming it’s a 2 for 1 deal that’s just too daggone tough to pass up! Texas