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I Can’t Resist

You see at first I was all like “Man I gotta grab me some of that old wrinkly cowboy junk!” But then I saw the do not touch sign so I stopped myself. Because if I’m out randomly grabbing on some junk I at least like to be polite and ...

Eat Mor Chikin

Say what you want about their views on Sunday business, all I’m saying is Chick-fil-a is killing it with their marketing. Love their guerrilla marketing here! Thanks lady, I will go eat more chicken…’cause it’s delicious. Nevada

WWIB: Wrappin’ With Reynolds

Get with the times people! Aluminum foil is no longer used to just wrap up old pizza. In today’s world, we can pretty much put anything on our bodies and call it fashionable. So are you leaning towards rocking the winged hat or the full body sui...

4 More Years

Ohhhh okay, I see how it is. Just rub it in that my Mitt Romney suit with his face plastered all over it is now useless…bitch. Nevada

No Ordinary Hack

Lace back, pink strap, bottom biscuit trap. Something else that rhymes, the only good decision you made was your pick off your shoe rack….Yeah, suck on that Dr. Suess! Boomshakalaka! Nevada

You Scared?

You didn’t even need the “boo” to scare me with this one. Nevada

50 Shades Of Walmart

I know you might be looking forward to a “Who Wears It Better?” for these photos but I refuse to give these two skankapotamuses the satisfaction of being part of our beloved game. Nevada

WWIB: I See France

Instead of analyzing Obama and Romney’s debate and boring everyone to death, we figured we would have a debate that matters. When it comes to see-through pants, who wears them better?” Nevada & Utah

Play Free Bird!

“PLAY FREE BIRD!!!! PLAY FREE BIRD!!!! PLAY FREE BIRD!!!!” – Some drunk asshole no matter where Lynyrd Skynyrd is at. On a side note, I saw them 2 months ago in Charlotte with the Allman Brothers Band and they still kick ass. Nevada

WWIB: Let Me See That Thong

Wow, classy. I shall now dub this Who Wears It Better: Thongspotting edition, in honor of the movie Trainspotting, because I think I’d rather OD than keep staring at these whale tales. Thoughts? Nevada & Ohio