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Tickled Pink

I guess there is a little slut inside of all of us. New Jersey

The Puck Stops Here

Yes! Hell yes! Hockey is back mother truckers! I haven’t been this excited since I found out those red bumps weren’t herpes…whoa, getting off track here. Point is, I love hockey. I mean, the Devils can suck it but whatever, hockey is back and I’m happy, honestly could give 2 shits if you don’t like [...]

Mrs. Levi Strauss

Oh you thought jean jackets were cool? How about a jean jacket made from actual jeans so I got tons of ass pockets to put stuff in…AND Betty Boop! BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!! – Oh you didn’t think jean jackets were cool? Oh so this one is worse than a normal jean jacket then? Oh. Okay. Well nevermind [...]

Low Price Guarantee

Still seems too high for that van. Damn used car salesman always trying to screw you. New Jersey

School Of Hard Rock

A picture of someone taking a picture for PoWM. Did I just blow your mind? Inception….Seriously though, this ride is crazy and I feel like it’s doing weird stuff to my soul. New Jersey

Lookin’ Horny

What is going on (or how little is going on) in your life that you hit a point where you decide to grow your fingernails this long? Who wants fingernails that curl like ram horns? Fricking weird as hell and literally serves zero purpose. New Jersey


Our boys over at GirlsInYogaPants.com love them some see-through yoga pants. Like really, really love ‘em! But for some reason they kicked these two back to us. So I’ll leave it to you fine people to tell us “Who Wears It Better?”! California & New Jersey

Baked Fresh Daily

Bottom biscuits seem to be the new plumber’s crack. I can’t decide if I’m happy about that or not. What are your thoughts? North Carolina & New Jersey

Kiss The Cook

Wow, it’s not often we find someone baking bottom biscuits and muffin tops at the same time. You must be quite the chef. New Jersey