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Puff Of Magic

Oh my sweet sweet Afro Star. How you can turn my frown upside down! Now it’s not everyday you can see a PoWM Hall of Famer people, so show some respect by removing your hair picks and bowing down. North Carolina

Taxi Cab Confessions

Oh, I see you’re into role playing. How about you try playing the role of someone who doesn’t look like a slut for money when you’re outside of the Angry Beaver or whatever funny named strip club you work at? North Carolina

WWIB: North Vs. South

I got up early this morning and baked you all up some delicious bottom biscuits to choose from. So pick one out, fill on up and thank me later. North Carolina & South Carolina

ToeJam & Earl

Hey where is Earl?…huh? ToeJam & Earl. The video game…ahh screw all of you! North Carolina

The Cave Woman

Hey short shorts, I can’t tell which I hate more, your bottom biscuits or your random cave drawing tattoos. Not sure why I’d be telling you this, but I feel I had to make it known to somebody. North Carolina

Skirting The Issue

Ahh yes, #3 in the pervert playbook: The Upskirt! So which under booty bottom biscuit would you put on the books? North Carolina & Texas

May Cause Choking Hazard

It’s ironic, because they had to put a bag over your mother’s head to make you….and BOOM goes the dynamite! North Carolina

The Colors Of The Rainbow

I think the question that everyone wants to ask is: “Do the carpets match the drapes?” If the answer was “Yes” then I’m not really sure what my next question would be. What would yours be? Georgia & North Carolina

The Obama Van

Obama is giving away cars now too?!?! Damn I thought I was missing out by not getting an Obama phone but now that I see this I’m actually kinda glad I don’t get anything. North Carolina