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Crack A Smile

Since these two are older gentleman, would those be considered….wise cracks? Ehhh ohhh!!! Put it on the board. California & Oklahoma

Happy New Year!

Well it’s officially 2013 people and I have yet to see a flying car and haven’t heard of anyone losing their job to a robot. It appears that people are still wearing sh*t that they probably shouldn’t out in public, so that should bode well for a great year for PoWM! Oklahoma & Pennsylvania

I Said….Biiiiiiiitch

Looks like we got ourselves a couple of bitches here that just love to bitch about other bitches. Also, my dog is a bitch and I can’t really think of any other ways to use the word bitch…bitch. Oklahoma

Your Language Is Offensive!

Maybe you two should meet and have some babies together. Their profanity-laden rants could be stuff of legend! Indiana & Oklahoma

A Helping Hand

Sometimes I wish these people would run into those unfortunate individuals who poop their pants in Walmart. That’s just people helping people. Good stuff. California & Oklahoma

Devilish Doll

Okay, bad news. Your kid’s doll is possessed by the devil. Damn thing is like Chucky 2012 and it’s creeping me the f*ck out. Oklahoma

WWIB: Your Momma Wears Army Boots

Bottom biscuits and boots? They go together like peaches and cream, right? No? Oh well, I’m sure you thought it was gonna look sexy at the time. Anyway people, we need to determine ‘Who Wears It Better’! Arizona & Oklahoma

WWIB: Plumber’s Crack

Cracks don’t discriminate by gender, they come in all shapes and sizes and offend all of us. The question here is “Who Wears It Better?” in the battle of the sexes. Michigan & Oklahoma

Beadwork 4 Sale

Wait what? You’re selling beads to leave you abusive husband? While I’m 100% for you leaving an abusive husband, I’m a bit curious as to why you’re on the honor system when it comes to the purchasing of bead crafts? I don’t trust my neighborhood kids enough to only take 1 piece of candy out [...]

WWIB: Spicy Southwest

Now I live in the south where biscuits have been perfected, but I have a hunch the southwest has their own spicy spin on some bottom biscuits like the ones we got here. What I need to know is who bakes ‘em better? Oklahoma & Texas