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WWIB: Tats On Tats On Tats

What’s black and white and read all over? Huh? Right? Cause one of them is black, the other white, and they both have back tats you can read. Like the famous joke? Ahh, screw you people. I’m gonna keep doing me. Just tell me ‘Who Wears It Better’? Florida & Oregon

Raise The Roof

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but that guy you gave your car to so he could pimp it out was definitely not Xzibit. Unless his goal was to make your car look like the perfect spot for homeless people to have sex, then he nailed it. O...


So Obama is an evil gay ape? That’s what I’m supposed to take away from your ranting, creepy Winnebago? Has anyone ever in the history of the world changed any belief they had based off of a Winnebago? It would take one hell of a Winnebago for me to take it seriously. Like the one [...]

Jesus Loves Peppermint

Of course Jesus would park his van at Walmart, because he probably saw our site and realized he could cut down on time and save soooo many souls in one place! Oregon

Dustin’ It Off

Ahhhh, dirty hippie bottom biscuits! Those are like the biscuits that fell off the tray behind the oven and got all that dust and dirt on them. Ahhhh, Ahhhhh, throw those away! Oregon

WWIB: Flappin’ In The Wind

Breaker breaker 1-9 we’ve got two bogies on my 6 looking like a couple of idiots. – Ahh that’s a big 10-4 good buddy, saw ‘em earlier, completely moronic. Now let’s go get us some lot lizards. (Wow, I’m amazed at how accurate my interpretation of trucker conversations is!) Ohio & Oregon

Middle Of The Pack

If it’s not on your fanny, is it still a fanny pack? Since it’s under his man boobs is it a moob pack? Makes sense, but just doesn’t have that ring to it. Oregon

Legalize It

Ohhh hot damn, marijuana. The topic every pothead likes to talk about so every person they know is aware that they smoke weed. So yeah, Colorado and Washington are the newest states to legalize it, but don’t go sparking that spliff so fast, there is still that whole federal law thing getting in the way. [...]

True Justice

Is it just me or are Steven Seagal action movies just getting sad to watch now? Oregon

I Spy With My Eye

U-Hauls are for suckers that can’t drive with perfect balance…Now kill a few hours playing I Spy with your coworkers. Oregon