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I don’t mean to gross anyone out, but this is exactly what I picture the Kool-Aid Man’s semen to look like. Pennsylvania

Little Toy Cars

“Let me show you all the really nice cars I wish I had by putting them on the p.o.s. that I have so you think it’s better!” – Super idea there Mr. Taurus. Why don’t you start taping a bunch of Barbie dolls on your girlfri...

WWIB: Party In The Back

“I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…fe-mullets get me so hot and horny.” – said no man ever. Pennsylvania

Bathrooms Are Overrated

When do you hit that point of “F it, I’m just gonna piss myself”? C’mon buddy, you should have known it wouldn’t be hard to follow the yellow piss road back to you. Pennsylvania

Nighty Night

Does that nighty come with bunny slippers, too many kids and a Marlboro or are those accessories sold separately? Pennsylvania

Walmart For Dummies

How did I just get molested by a doll? How does society let that happen? Weird dolls and guys in creepy leather just free to roam Walmart violating everyone they pass with creepiness! I won’t stand for it. Pennsylvania

Happy New Year!

Well it’s officially 2013 people and I have yet to see a flying car and haven’t heard of anyone losing their job to a robot. It appears that people are still wearing sh*t that they probably shouldn’t out in public, so that should bode well for a great year for PoWM! Oklahoma & Pennsylvania

Party Like It’s 1999

  So what kind of crazy shenanigans are you party animals getting into? I’m fairly confident that these two ladies would let almost anyone into their clubs to celebrate the new year. California & Pennsylvania

Loyal To A Fault

My diehard loyalty to Steeler Nation precluded me from sending this picture over to WTFTattoos.com. Not something I’d have done, but what I want to know is how deep does your team love run? Would you ever tattoo your team on your body? Pennsylva...