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It’s Mother Flippin’ Friday!

Hey mother f*ckers, it’s f*cking Friday. After that I’m not really sure what to say. Never had the urge to curse on my shirts. I use internet message boards to show everyone I’m a tough guy. Arizona & Ohio

I Said….Biiiiiiiitch

Looks like we got ourselves a couple of bitches here that just love to bitch about other bitches. Also, my dog is a bitch and I can’t really think of any other ways to use the word bitch…bitch. Oklahoma

Your Language Is Offensive!

Maybe you two should meet and have some babies together. Their profanity-laden rants could be stuff of legend! Indiana & Oklahoma

Hush Little Baby

Hey you stupid mother f*cker! The f*cking baby is trying to f*cking sleep over here and your dumb f*cking ass keeps running your loud f*cking mouth. Shut the f*ck up!..F*cking no respect for children here. North Carolina

Happy As A Clam

So appropriate. But yeah, I’ll believe that like I’ll believe John Skelton is a legitimate NFL QB. Piss off. Arizona

WWIB: Sperm Donors

In this exhilarating bout of Who Wears It Better: Selfless Acts Edition, we’ve got a toe-curling battle between two generous donors. So that begs the question, which one would you let give you a charitable donation? Arizona & Florida

PoWM Father Of The Month

Don’t interrupt daddy time! I’m trying to be a good f*cking role model around here! Wyoming

In My Mouth!

It looks like these two young ladies set us up for a nice little game of what I’d like to call “Hide The Sausage”. Basically, your job is to finish the phrase “Give me a boner _______.” or “I had his wiener ________.” in the comments below. Go! Massachusetts & Ohio

Biker Babe

Listen, I don’t mean to be a wise-ass but it clearly says “Walmart” on the bottom and that leads me to believe they own it. That being said, I’d be a little too scared to open my mouth about it should she start riding off with ...