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Tickled Pink

I guess there is a little slut inside of all of us. New Jersey

Behind The Scenes

I like to call this post, “Behind The Scenes of People of Walmart”. We decided to give you all an inside glimpse of the random pics we get sent in to us. For some reason, there must be a sign on our site that reads “Hey chicks over 40 with bush, please send in titty [...]

Clench Your Thirst

Geez, see if you can clench those cheeks any tighter darlin’. Anyone that can pull that wedgie out from that stone would be crowned king of something. Nothing you’d likely want to be king of, but a king nonetheless. Florida

Crack A Smile

Since these two are older gentleman, would those be considered….wise cracks? Ehhh ohhh!!! Put it on the board. California & Oklahoma

WWIB: All Of That In Dem Jeans

I was all like “Wassup girl? How you fit in dem jeans?” – and then she was all like “I don’t.” Yeah, kind of a sad story. Didn’t stop ‘em though. Who wears them better? Well, I’ll leave that up to ...

Check Out My Vag

Is that vagina cleavage? is that even a thing? Does anyone actually want to find out? Georgia

WWIB: Pearly Whites

Do people not know white is see-through? Is it some well kept secret that I didn’t know I was privy to and everyone else is in the dark? I’ve done a piss poor job of keeping that secret, seeing as how I’ve repeatedly advised against white pants. Hell, I don’t even wear white underwear, doesn’t [...]

Jingle Balls

My main man!!! Or my main woman, whichever! Dude always knows how to dress sexier than 89% of the women on this site. Yeah, not really sure what else to say….skirts and balls, deadly combo. Virginia

Yo Tengo El Gato Los Pantalones

I can’t wait to hit that point of f*ck it when you are out in public, realize you forgot your pants, and then literally do not care and continue shopping for Folder’s Original. I envy you my friend. Unknown

What What Look At My Butt

I mean, if you are gonna wear some casual heels to lift and showcase you ass you might as well showcase the ass. Am I right or am I right? Maryland