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WWIB: The Worm

Let me break this down for both of you and everyone else even considering this. There has been 1 and only 1 person in the history of the world that has been able to pull off the cheetah hair and that is Dennis Rodman. So unless you can pull down 11,954 rebounds, I don’t want to [...]

WWIB: North Vs. South

I got up early this morning and baked you all up some delicious bottom biscuits to choose from. So pick one out, fill on up and thank me later. North Carolina & South Carolina

Go Ahead…Make My Millennium

Personally, I liked Michael Keaton as Bettlejuice better, but I could be convinced to watch a few minutes of her. South Carolina

WWIB: Mean Jean

Don’t stuff and pack all that junk in so tightly that it overflows and is hard to control…oh, I’m talking about the cart. What were you guys looking at? South Carolina & Wisconsin

Crack Friday

Ass cracks and $2 DVDs…that’s what Black Friday at Walmart is all about! If you braved the elements, please send us your pics to info@peopleofwalmart.com. Rhode Island & South Carolina


Listen, we all know men buy cars to overcompensate for their penis size and to pick up chicks, but we have all got along just fine by letting that speak for itself. Try not to be so obvious with the ladies. You’re not a European guy at the club,...

Show Us Your Halloweenie

It’s never too early to start thinking of Halloween, and while we see some of the scariest outfits on a daily basis here at PoWM we want to see you as well. So this Halloween remember to send us all your ghoulish pics from Walmart and if you can’t think of a great costume idea, [...]

WWIB: Jean Machines

In today’s edition of Who Wears It Better, we have two pairs of “jeans” vying for attention. We need to know (1) how much would you pay for said jeans and (2) who wears them better? South Carolina & Virginia

Biker Babes

This picture is near and dear to my heart because the PoWM headquarters are in the fine town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I know all too well about Black Bike Week. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a parade of PoWM all week….And. It’s. GLORIOUS!! We never miss a chance to [...]