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WWIB: Twinny Twin Twins

Okay, I like what we got here. A little “Who Twins It Better?”!!!!! Exciting. So which set of adults that still think it’s cool to dress alike do you got? And please don’t judge solely on the fact that I think one set of twins picked on the other set of twins every single day [...]

Jingle Balls

My main man!!! Or my main woman, whichever! Dude always knows how to dress sexier than 89% of the women on this site. Yeah, not really sure what else to say….skirts and balls, deadly combo. Virginia

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Seems like the most inefficient Santa ever. Good luck delivering all those presents in one night on that thing. Virginia

2 Days ‘Til Santa

Needless to say the kids weren’t as excited this year when they put that ol’ silk cap on Frosty’s head this year and instead of dancing around with them he hopped on his motor-scooter and headed to Wally World. Virginia

The Furry Red Monster

Tickle Me Elmo? More like “enjoy your hand herpes for tickling me Elmo”. Sure, not quite the same ring to it, but I think it will stick. Ohio & Virginia

Warp Speed

It looks like she is working at an incredible rate of speed!!!….But if you have stood in any cashier line ever you know that can’t be true. Virginia

American Eagle

“Awesome swooping eagle trailer….for when all your crazy fills up an entire van.” At least that’s what my sales line pitch would be. Feel free to share yours. Virginia

Voting Day

After years of planning, campaigning, debating, annoying phone calls, awkward door-to-door conversations, yard signs everywhere, flip flopping, and over 2 billion dollars spent on terrible television ads in Ohio alone, today is the day we go out and vote for the person we knew we were going to vote for 4 years ago. You can [...]

Happy Halloween!

Look at that! Doing our job for us! It’s not really Halloween until someone at your office dresses up like People of Walmart, just make sure you know they are actually dressed up for Halloween and not in their typical clothing before mentioning ...

Experience The Rainbow

Your hair looks like the color of children’s vomit on Halloween. Taste the rainbow… Virginia