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There Is No Substitute

Oh I’ll believe that when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert. Seriously though, if you add the “C” & “E” to “Porsh” it is a dead ringer for a Twin Turbo 911. Washington

Attack Of The Yorkies

I am absolutely terrified for your well being. All I ask is when some studio head sees this pic on here that PoWM gets a little taste of the blockbuster horror film that will follow. Seriously, that looks like the world’s largest, most possessed...

If You Can’t Duct It

In case parking illegally in front of 2 handicapped spots wasn’t “F” you enough. Washington

When Farting Goes Horribly Wrong

I don’t know what happened here, and frankly I don’t want to. The bottom line is somewhere along the way you screwed up and you screwed up hard. The next step is doing something about it and I suggest we do it now. Washington

The Hippie Movement

Are me and Eric Cartman the only ones that get annoyed by modern day hippies? There truly is no point to them whatsoever, unless the point is to look weird and smell all sorts of funny. Alabama & Washington

The Pickup Artist

Alright people, we haven’t given anything away for a while so let’s change that. Funniest pickup line wins either a copy of our new book or calendar, your choice. GOOOOOOOO! Ohio & Washington

One Woman Wolf Pack

Nothing to see here. Just two wolf-like creatures escorting this fine lady like a ancient warrior princess. Please feel free to insert your Game of Thrones ‘Winter Is Coming’ meme references here. Washington

Animal Cruelty

I’m not sure what is going on here. If this is precautionary to prevent poop in the car, I’m a bit worried. If something happened to the dog and he can’t control himself then I’m sad. If he put them on himself, then I’m extremely extremely impressed. However, no matter what the scenario is here [...]

Don’t Forget To Stretch

You know what, I’m okay with this. In fact, this is the type of limo high school kids should be taking to the prom. Don’t make your parents shell out a bunch of money for that new Hummer limo, you drive a piece of shit to school everyday anyway, just because you show up one [...]

6 Going On 46

That’s the same outfit my 6 year old cousin picked out for herself to wear. Funny how by completely mismatching you’ve made a match….intellectually. With a 6 year old. You’re a stupid doo-doo head. Washington