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WWIB: Twinny Twin Twins

Okay, I like what we got here. A little “Who Twins It Better?”!!!!! Exciting. So which set of adults that still think it’s cool to dress alike do you got? And please don’t judge solely on the fact that I think one set of twins picked on the other set of twins every single day [...]

Once, Twice, Three Times A Walcreature

I think it’s kinda like that old adage I learned from my good friend George W., show up on People of Walmart once shame on you, show up on People of Walmart twice shame on me, show up on People of Walmart again — you can’t get fooled aga...

Clench Your Thirst

Geez, see if you can clench those cheeks any tighter darlin’. Anyone that can pull that wedgie out from that stone would be crowned king of something. Nothing you’d likely want to be king of, but a king nonetheless. Florida

That Funky Monkey

Wow another damn monkey just chillin’ in Walmart like that’s the cool thing to do these days. Since nobody listens to me I’ve decided to allow one exception to my “no monkeys in Walmart” rule. – If you have a monkey, you better also have a boombox (80′s style only) blasting Beastie Boys’ Brass Monkey. If not, [...]

Not A Smart Move

“Hey look at me, I’m so Smart, I can fit my little car in here while you have to park way back there and walk.” – Really? How Smart are you when I keep slamming my cart into the return lanes like two carts that don’t fit together? The level of smugness here is actually starting to piss [...]

WWIB: Tats On Tats On Tats

What’s black and white and read all over? Huh? Right? Cause one of them is black, the other white, and they both have back tats you can read. Like the famous joke? Ahh, screw you people. I’m gonna keep doing me. Just tell me ‘Who Wears It Better’? Florida & Oregon

That’s Crack-tastic!

At first I mistook these for back boobs, but upon further inspection, the hairy looking crack has brought me to my conclusion that it is instead, an upper-back-booty. Final answer. Alabama

The Lone Robe

Do you think he puts this on after a shower instead of standing in the middle of his room…shaking like a dog? Huh? Huh? Right? C’mon!!! You guys are harder to impress than McKayla. Unknown

There Is No Substitute

Oh I’ll believe that when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert. Seriously though, if you add the “C” & “E” to “Porsh” it is a dead ringer for a Twin Turbo 911. Washington