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Real Or Fake: Attention grabbers

Either those bazookas are real, or that’s some pretty well-done plastic surgery. What do you think? Real or fake? Sound off in the comments.

Massive, lumpy booty implants

This chick wanted to be on Girls In Yoga Pants but her silicone-filled behind was much more suitable for this website.

Possibly the worst injected lips yet

I challenge you to find a pair of lips worse than these on this site. With those eyebrows this chick would also fit right in on

Real Or Fake: That booty

Do you think this chick’s booty is the real deal or did she get implants? Sound off in the comments.

Twig & Berries

I hope some of you thought how nice it was to get a quick little upskirt action there. Because that will make it more enjoyable for me when I tell you she has a penis. Unknown