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WTF? No Thanks, I don’t want to!

Geek Virginity… Having spent many years agonising and wanting to ‘get jiggy’ for the first time, then when it finally happens, there is that awkward moment when you realise that today isn’t the time or way you want it to happen!! But you are too scared to say No Thanks!!

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5 thoughts on “WTF? No Thanks, I don’t want to!

  1. hebe jebes says:

    Even the back up behind her is not into it. Lol

  2. John Konnor says:

    Taking two for the team and doing the fatties.

  3. J. Richard Fyke says:

    Obviously she’s been doing coke all night.

  4. Sheepster says:


  5. probie says:

    hope he bought a lot of flour if you know what i mean

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